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Who is this app for?

For each and everyone who wants to stop smoking, either by first reducing the amount of cigarettes a day or going cold turkey.

How is this app going to help me?

You have two options; deciding to stop cold turkey or start by reducing your daily cigarettes.
If you smoke more than 15 cigarettes a day, we suggest to first break with your 'habit' cigarettes, by first following the reduce program. If you decide to stop cold turkey you have the option to skip the reducing program.

This app will support you with all kinds of extra stimulants by setting goals (for instance financially) which you can use as an incentive and reward yourself.
This app will also show statistics and graphs which will make you aware of your smoking out of habit rather then dependence.

You will see badges when you have reached your set goals and even health stats when stopped smoking completely.

You have the option to stop smoking together with your partner or friend(s) and compare your results by sharing your stats and graphs to motivate each other.

How does reducing work?

The app will need 3 full days of input of your smoking behaviour to be able to calculate your personal reduce program. So these first 3 you just click the 'smoke a cigarette' button when you light a cigarette.

The fourth day you will have a set delay time between your cigarettes. For example 20 minutes. Within these 20 minutes you will see a red screen, with a timer. To fully benefit your reduce program you have to wait for the timer before you smoke your next cigarette. However if the you really need a cigarette and you can not wait for these few minutes to pass you will be able to smoke a 'penalty' cigarette. (Tip don't smoke more than 2 a day.)
Every 3 days the program recalculates your cigarette delay time, based on the smoked cigarettes, and the amount of penalty cigarettes.
You will get 3 choices for your next reduce step; easy, recommended and difficult.
When you have reached an amount under 8 cigarettes average in the past 3 days, it's time to stop.

The best proven working method of stopping is picking a date in the near future, as the first cigarette free day.
Inform your friends and family you are planning to quit and ask their support.

Stopped smoking, what now?

For many people it's unfortunately hard to stop. And every stimulace is welcome, the app will now provide you even more many stimulants.
Money saved stimulances.
Badges for goals reached, like:
First week without a cigarette.
Health stats, like:
No more physical nicotine dependence.
Improved lung capacity. etc

And share you stats and graphs with your friends to motivate and support eachother.
Read tips and recommendations of other ex-smokers.

Reduce and stop smoking, a wonder?

NO !!
You are the one that quits smoking.
We only try to create as many stimulaces as possible to help you in this period.

In the end it's you, you're going to beat your smoking habits.

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